Sun. Oct. 24, 8:00 pm    

One of my pastimes is playing in a hobby band we call the "Glam Grunge Gargoyles", a name one of our members came up with. I was going for the "Lazy Lounge Lizards", but self deprication took over, as gargoyles are uglier.

We're not a serious gigging band; just a few old farts who love rock and roll and blues. We gather weekly at Jorg's place (my next door neighbour) for a meal, chat about the world and politics, then jam till we all want to retire for the evening. Which is usually not that late!

Our set list includes tunes by the Eagles, Dire Straights, Jimmy Hendrix, JJ Cale, and other similar stuff. It's a blast, and we keep threatening to break the Internet by recording and releasing our shit on YouTube! Lol...

I decided we should dress up like a real band and take a "promo" shot just for shits and giggles, and that's what you see here. So from left to right, the lineup goes:

  • Jorg "The Chef" Graf on keys. Also supplier of 40% ABV concoctions.

  • Wayne "Shakey" Dagenaise on keys and vocals, a professional gigging musician.

  • Jim "The Dude" Hutchison on bass, who also works sound, vocal harmonizer, etc.

  • Pete "Gramps" Bresnahan on vocals and electric guitar, supplier of the devil's lettuce.

  • Walter "The Wall" Horn on acoustic guitar. No, he doesn't play horn.

  • Alesis "Deaf'n Dumb" SR-Sixteen on drums. Off camera.

During the summer we open all the windows, so neighbours hang out to do some driveway dancing. Been going now for almost five years! It's a load of fun...

Here's a few YouTube videos of us doing our thing: