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Author's Note

Why write such a story? There's some background to it all...

        The Accessory started off as an autobiographical account of my experience with Christian fundamentalism back in the early eighties. Part of a preaching and singing ministry, I travelled to many churches of various denominations in Canada and the United States. I observed that some religious people have covert agendas; they are vindictive and angry against anything not "Godly". Righteous indignation gone awry I would say.

        At the same time, the abortion debate was a hot topic in North America thanks to Roe v Wade, and the pro-life movement was rife with activism, protesters being arrested across the country, and snipers... yes, snipers with doctors in their scopes. I met one in Illinois. My association with organized religion as a whole eventually came to an end as my beliefs evolved, but it was an important phase to evolve through. Don't get me wrong - religion can bring out the best in people, but it can also bring out the worst.

        I decided that The Accessory should evolve into a fiction novel for wider reach and appeal. The words literally flew off my fingers. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. It was fun to introduce elements such as secret societies, corporate back-room dealings, some courtroom drama, and even an inside peek into the music industry. The research and imagination that this novel drew out of me created a very exhilarating writing experience.

        Like me, I'm sure you enjoy a novel with interesting characters, some intrigue, and an interesting plot. I am inspired by the writing styles and talent of authors such as Dan Brown and John Grisham. Drawing from my own interests, hobbies, and experience, and with a background in high-tech and telecommunications, my next novel entitled "The Witness" will be a sequel that will include those elements as well. I hope you enjoy reading The Accessory as much as I enjoyed writing it.