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January 27, 2010
Launch announcement: yes folks, The Accessory is available for ordering. This is a big day for me... pls check the "home" page for details...

January 19, 2010
Received the proof copy of the novel in the mail yesterday. What a milestone! It was an awesome experience, holding in my hands the fruition of what has become a passion for me: novel writing. Well, it wasn't perfect though - the cover artwork was not centered, so I tweeked the images in Photoshop, created another PDF, and uploaded it to CreateSpace. I just received an email moments ago that it has shipped already, so if it looks good, it will be on a number of sites for purchase: Amazon, Create Space, and Barnes and Noble for starters. I also subscribed to a national distributor (in the States) who will put it in front of a number of store chains. Come back soon for more news...

January 13, 2010
Happy New Year! I now am in possesion of the completed typeset PDF. Typesetting is an old term that used to refer to having the written word cast in lead type. The modern version refers to the digital equivelent... my manuscript has been converted from a simple Word document, into a professional looking book, which has been printed into a proof thanks to "CreateSpace.com". Just waiting for it to show up in the mail... Once I give the go-ahead, it will be available for order. Stay tuned!

December 31, 2009
There's a new feature to view - after conversing with other novel writers, it seems the latest thing is to create a trailer for your book - that's right, just like the movies. Being a bit of a film junkie, and somewhat of a techno nerd, I created a trailer that you can view at the link above, to the left. Comments welcome.

December 22, 2009
The typesetter sent me the first chapter for approval.. wow, it looks great! She even found a couple of typos if you can believe it! That's after six other pairs of eyes having read it... mind you, I did see a typo in the last Grisham novel I read! I've also listed my book with a new distribution service who shops titles around to places like Walmart, military bases, and other distributors. Could be good.

I've sent the book cover to CreateSpace; after sending the interior file (the guts of the book), I'll then order a proof for my approval. Stay tuned...

December 4, 2009
Finding the right publisher is a painful experience, so I'm going to give Amazon a shot. Using POD (print on demand) publishing with CreateSpace.com, they have a working relationship with Amazon. I've hired a professional typesetter to format the manuscript, so - cross your fingers - I will hopefully have something ready for the new year.

November 22, 2009
Finally - the draft has been edited for typos, etc. The next step is to get it formated for the printer's. Hard to believe after spending pretty well a year and a half on it.