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For Immediate Release

Jan.27, 2010:Author James Hutchison is pleased to announce the official release of his fiction novel "The Accessory", published in collaboration with Create Space, a division of online book seller Amazon. James' novel currently has global on-line exposure, and an agreement for national distribution has been established.

His story of intrigue and mystery is set in a fictitious Utah town, where corporate America is pitched against the lives of a middle class family. A murder rocks their bustling little town, and so sets the stage and story backdrop to "The Accessory". Almost three years in the making, James is relieved to see his project come to fruition...

"It's hard to believe I've come this far, yet I know it is just the beginning. What started as a 3,000 word autobiography eventually morphed into my first fiction novel that has a lot of meaning for me... inspiration for the plot, the characters, so many things - came from some of my own experiences as well as the many friends I've had throughout my life. To write such a story was cathartic, demanding, but most of all fun. I'm eight chapters into the next novel; not quite a sequel, but certainly part of a series."

Mr. Hutchison's novel is currently available on-line at Create Space, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Printed copies will begin appearing in bookstores March, 2010.