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"This actually turned out to be a very intriguing book. I wasn't sure at first how I would like it or how it would play out. Most of the characters were interesting and the story pulled me in and kept me reading. Any book that keeps me reading is a plus... " (Four star rating on Amazon.)
Zia, book review blogger, Pacific Northwest

"Excellent read - well crafted plot line that keeps you engaged until the last page!!" (Five star rating on Amazon.)
Flora Seaugull, Canada

"I am put off by the way the author mischaracterized fundamentalist Christians as murderers and crazy 'secret society' people. They are a segment of mainstream Christians and it was a very disparaging way to portray them." (Two star rating on Amazon.)
L. Bandreau
(Author's note: Can't win'em all!)

"It has a lot of potential as a screenplay..."
Rebecca A. Emrich, book reviewer and writer, Canada

"This story is a very enjoyable read: interesting plot, and good food for thought. Well done!"
Christine McCandlish, British Columbia, Canada

"Mr. Hutchison weaves an interesting tale that makes it hard to put the book down. 5 stars in my opinion." (Five star rating on Amazon.)
Annabel Hoysted, Utah

An excerpt from "Book and Movie Reviews by a Drunk Blogger":
"...the use of the prologue is smart. Kinda grabs you by the shirt collar actually. I thought the characters were well developed - you know, people that you could actually relate to. Good ending." "...the quality of the story, writing style, etc. are just as good as any other suspense/drama novel." (Five stars on Amazon.)
George Wolf, Hawaii

"The Accessory is an excellent read with interesting, believable characters and a couple of surprises as well."
Helen Paquette, Ontario, Canada

"A wonderfully suspenseful novel, filled with intrigue and mystery!"
Ken Bell, Alberta, Canada

"It reads like a screenplay. Can't wait to read the sequel!"
Jaimie Litvenchuk, Manitoba, Canada