the Witness
a novel by James G Hutchison

Digital Release: April 1, 2013

      Intrigue, murder, kidnapping, rogue nuclear arms, an abandoned psychiatric hospital... these are just some of the elements James Hutchison uses in his novel The Witness to spin a story centered around a character from his first novel The Accessory.
He re-introduces Peter Underbridge, who does everything he can to get to the bottom of a subway bombing that killed his only daughter. To exact revenge on the perpetrators, he joins forces with an FBI agent who was also personally touched by the disaster, however their investigations must be unofficial - people at the top do not want certain facts to come to light.

      As they gradually reveal the people and reasons behind the bombing, they uncover a plot of destruction forged by a secret society Peter Underbridge has history with - Specialis Ordo!
A missing nuclear missile is discovered in New York City by a member of Underbridge's investigative team, quickly accelerating his plan to rescue abductees central to the plot, and possibly endangering the lives of millions...

      A story of intrigue and a quick read, The Witness has twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages, and a powerful ending that will have you cheering for the heros.

What some reviewers had to say:

"Fast-moving story that holds your interest to the end. Could be a movie!" -HP

"Good tight story line, and believable characters. I appreciate the fact it's a quick read too - great job James!" -KJ

"I read your first novel, which I liked. This one has a great plot, and the heroine's character is very powerful - gave me goose bumps." -TW

"The Witness is a well executed story, packed full of nail-biting plot lines that I found entertaining." -CC

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