Spiritual Musings, Teachings, and Other Writings
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Being spiritual doesn't mean being religious... I was raised Catholic, investigated Mormonism, did the born again thing, then decided to wake up and let the evidence speak for itself. I'm a spiritual atheist, with a touch of Shamanism thrown in cuz, well, I've had multiple experiences that give me that leaning.

Turns out that faith cannot trump truth, because it is the truth itself that is sacred... period. Below are some writings and musings on the subject.

Theism - atheism scale. A take on Richard Dawkin's theism scale. For reference.

Wolfspeak Youtube Channel. Some short videos where I offer a "thought of the day". Take a peek.

Words and sayings that challenge theists. Not for the religious...

Comedic Spiritualism: The Way of the Dude. "Just Take It Easy Man..."

How and Why I left Christian Fundamentalism. "Nothing is more sacred than truth itself."

On Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligence. "Biological life is the universe's highest expression of creativity."

Jim's blog. Updated on occassion; these are my brain-droppings on various things, mostly religion.

The Principles and Truths of Bliss. A 30-page eBook in PDF format written by Jim. Free! Worth a read if you're needing some help in chilling out...

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